When the Lights Go Out in Las Vegas, Hazardous Waste Disappears

Chief Engineer

Las Vegas - An innovative recycling program has made one of this city’s most popular meeting places a green oasis by shipping out the toxic remains of spent light bulbs.


The Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority (LVCVA) was founded to strengthen the area’s convention business and eliminate a troubling economic problem: the cyclical nature of the tourism industry. But the LVCVA doesn’t just market this city’s gambling and pleasure palaces. It operates the Cashman Center as well as the Las Vegas Convention Center, which totals 3.5 million square feet of meeting rooms and exhibition space.

How many light bulbs does it take to illuminate such an emporium? More than electrical supervisor Joe Toro cares to count. Seven years ago Toro took it upon himself to find a method for disposing the thousands of fluorescent light bulbs he and his six-member crew replace each year. He could no longer tolerate the existing recycling plan: store spent bulbs in cardboard boxes (30 or so per container), and then wait for them to be hauled away by various trucking services.

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