Are Super T-8s Really Super?

A group of energy-efficient fluorescents have been dubbed "super T-8s."

The name implies something special. The Lighting Research Center recently covered whether they're really so super in a "LIVE! From the LRC" teleseminar.

Peter Morante, director of Energy Programs at the LRC, explained that Super T-8s have an alias: "High Performance T-8s."

"There are no standards to describe what a 'super' T-8 is, and each manufacturer describes the product differently," he said.

From LRC studies, the high performance T-8s have a:

  • Mean system efficacy (mean lumens/watt) of greater than, or equal to 90, compared to 85-92 for a standard T-8;
  • Color rendering index of greater than or equal to 81, compared to 75-82 for a standard T-8;
  • Minimum initial lamp lumens greater than or equal to 3100, compared to 2800-2900 for a standard T-8;
  • Lamp life (in hours) greater than or equal to 24,000, compared to 20,000 for a standard T-8;
  • Lumen maintenance of greater than or equal to 94 percent, compared to 90-92 percent for a standard T-8.

The Kryptonite of Super Lamps

While high-performing T-8 lamps can reduce facility energy costs and harmful environmental impacts, they need to be recycled due to one issue: their hazardous mercury content. Air Cycle solutions can make it efficient and easy, and include tools like online Recycling Reports and official Certificates of Recycling. Learn more » Air Cycle lamp recycling solutions
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