School Facility Recycling + the Bulb
Eater® = Success

When it comes to getting rid of old fluorescent bulbs during a relamping or recycling project, facilities need disposal methods that are both easy and sustainable. Air Cycle products like the The Bulb Eater® are no-hassle ways for any facility to dispose of spent fluorescent lamps in an environmentally responsible way.  Here are three great examples of how the Bulb Eater makes fluorescent bulb relamping and recycling easier for facilities.

School Times Now

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Richardson Independent School District’s Maintenance & Operations department has begun re-lamping 90,000 fluorescent light bulbs across the district to save energy and maintenance costs. By moving from 32 watt bulbs to 25 watt bulbs, and each new bulb saving RISD 7 watts per hour of operation, savings of $60,000 are expected in the first year.

In order for RISD to properly recycle the old bulbs, a Bulb Eater system was purchased that crushes the old bulbs in an environmentally safe and controlled manner. Approximately 1,500 bulbs are recycled per 55 gallon drum used in this system. Full drums are collected by a company that extracts contaminants such as mercury as they separate the broken glass and metal materials.

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Recycling Lamps with The Bulb Eater®

Recycling spent fluorescent lamps can be efficient and simple with the Bulb Eater®. Save up to 20 hours of labor per 1,000 lamps and up to 80% in storage space by crushing lamps in the machine versus recycling intact lamps. Learn more » Bulb Eater® lamp crusher
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