Online Recycling Reports Document Efforts of "Green" Companies

As public demand for “green” initiatives in business increases, management and public relations teams are constantly looking for more effective ways to communicate the effectiveness of their environmental programs to current and potential customers. In response to this growing market trend, Air Cycle Corporation has developed Online Recycling Reports, an innovative solution to identify, track, review, and communicate lamp, ballast, battery and electronic recycling totals for any organization. 

Air Cycle Corporation has already established itself in the recycling services market with the EasyPak pre-paid recycling container program, bulk pickup options for larger facilities, and the Bulb Eater, the original do-it-yourself fluorescent lamp crusher. Online Recycling Reports allow companies and organizations that use any of these services to better visualize the results of their recycling efforts, providing them with easy-to-understand charts and analysis of the different recycling methods in place at their facilities.

Air Cycle Lamp Recycling Solutions

Air Cycle solutions can make it efficient and simple to recycle spent lamps. Crushing large quantities of lamps in the Bulb Eater® prior to recycling can reduce labor by up to 20 hours per 1,000 lamps and storage requirements by up to 80% over recycling intact lamps. EasyPak™ mail-in containers save time recycling small lamp quantities with prepaid return shipping and optional Sustainable Program automatic reordering. Learn more » Air Cycle lamp recycling solutions
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