Energy Efficiency Lighting Retrofit at McDonald's Packaging Facility

A comprehensive energy efficient lighting retrofit project by Lime Energy at a large packaging materials warehouse and office in Santa Ana (Orange County), California, resulted in a 24 percent reduction in power consumption.

The energy reduction calculation at McDonald Packaging, Inc. was based on the same three-month period (August through October) before and after the retrofit, according to Don Artaserse, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at McDonald Packaging.

"They handled everything very professionally and the way they handled it made me feel very confident in what they were doing for us," Artaserse said of the Lime team. "I felt very good working with them." He said crews worked off shift, typically putting in as much as 16 to 18 hours a day to complete the job as quickly as possible with a minimum of inconvenience during the retrofit process that required less than three weeks.

Artaserse added that the result was close to the projections and that the quality of light clearly was an improvement. "The lighting is much better than what we had before," he said. Artaserse said the 24 percent reduction in power consumption was based on a daily average of kilowatt hours consumed in the two three-month periods. Consumption for the full three months was 282,318 kilowatt hours in 2005 compared to 208,630 in 2006, while the daily average was 3,003 kilowatt hours in 2005 compared to 2,293 in 2006, or a 24 percent reduction.

After the Retrofit...

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