Understanding High Performance T-8s

Lighting Design Lab

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"Super", "Premium", "Enhanced", "High- Lumen" T8's. What are they? Who makes them? Should you use them, and most importantly what should you call them? High Performance T8's is the correct name. The basic definition is a lamp that produces 3100 or higher initial lumens and 2915 or greater mean lumens, a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of at least 82 and a rated life of 24,000 hours or greater.

The three major fluorescent lamp manufacturers make lamps that meet these specifications. The GE-Starcoat HL, the Osram/ Sylvania-Octron 800 XPS and the Philips-Advantage T8 are the lamps families that comply. There seems to be two main reasons to use this lamp - higher lumens per watt and longer lamp life.

For the lumens per watt issue, using the mean lamp lumen data (lumens at 8,000 hours) and not including the ballast data (more later on ballasts) the 70 series lamps produce around 83.6 (2675/32) mean lumens per watt, the 80 series lamps produce around 87.5 (2800/32) mean lumens per watt and the "high performance T8" lamps produce around 92.0 (2945/32) mean lumens per watt. This is a 10% increase in light output over the standard 70 series T8, using the same wattage.

Recycling Spent T8s

BE EP trimmedEven high-efficiency fluorescent lighting like T8 lamps eventually burns out. When it does, it needs to be recycled to keep its hazardous mercury content out of the environment. Air Cycle's Bulb Eater® lamp crusher makes it fast and convenient for large lamp quantities, while EasyPak™ prepaid mail-in containers are perfect for small quantities. Learn more » Air Cycle lamp recycling solutions
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