Harford County Government Recycles Lamps with Bulb Eater®


Harford County employees demonstrate the Bulb Eater.

Harford County has initiated a program to recycle all of the burned-out fluorescent light tubes collected from county buildings. Fluorescent tubes contain a tiny ball of mercury, about 40 milligrams, that turns into a vapor during use. The recycling program will keep this highly toxic element out of the environment by using a special recycling device called a Bulb Eater.

The Bulb Eater (see picture) crushes the tubes into a 55 gallon drum. It can crush bulbs as quickly as the operator can feed them into the tube at the top of the device. The Bulb Eater uses a vacuum to contain harmful dust and vapors and has several filters to protect the equipment operator and the environment. All of the bulbs are processed on-site at the county's Department of Administration Facilities and Operations Division. The Bulb Eater is manufactured by Air Cycle Corporation of Broadview, Illinois.

Government Facility Recycling with the Bulb Eater®

BE crop smallThe Bulb Eater® lamp crusher is fully compatible with U.S. federal EPA and OSHA environmental regulations, and is permitted in most states. Packaging and storing lamps prior to pickup with the Bulb Eater can save up to 20 hours of labor per 1,000 lamps and up to 80% in storage space over packaging intact lamps. Learn more » Bulb Eater® lamp crusher
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