EPA Announces Green Building Design Challenge

Environmental News Network

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, along with GreenBuildingBlocks.com, the Building Materials Reuse Association, the American Institute of Architects and West Coast Green, have announced the first Lifecycle Building Challenge, a national competition to develop green building strategies and designs that reduce waste and conserve resources by facilitating adaptation, disassembly and reuse. The goal of the challenge is to inspire the green building movement to look at buildings as future stocks of resources by developing innovative practices and products to maximize material recovery and reduce both environmental and economic costs.

The Lifecycle Building Challenge is currently accepting submissions and is seeking the nation's architects, designers, engineers, reuse experts, other building professionals and students to participate. The registration deadline is April 15, 2007. Ideas that facilitate reuse, minimize waste, support disassembly and anticipate the future use of building materials are encouraged.

Making Buildings Green With Lamp Recycling

An important part of thinking green with a facility is proper recycling of spent fluorescent lamps, to minimize the risk of releasing their mercury content into the environment. Air Cycle recycling solutions make it easy, with online recycling reporting and official Certificates of Recycling. Learn more » Air Cycle recycling solutions
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