Innovative Fluorescent Bulb Recycling
Plan "Brewing" at National Tea Retailer

National tea retail chain starts using EasyPak prepaid recycling by mail to dispose of its fluorescent lamps at 100 store locations throughout the United States.

Looks like tea isn’t the only thing that’s green. As part of its commitment to recycle its fluorescent bulbs, national tea retailer Teavana has chosen to partner with Air Cycle Corp. By utilizing Air Cycle’s EasyPak prepaid recycling containers, each of Teavana’s stores now has an easy way to properly dispose of its fluorescents, insuring that no harm comes to the environment from mercury leakage into landfills.

Teavana EasyPak

Atlanta based Teavana operates 100 stores around the United States and in Mexico and sells tea online at The company offers several different kinds of high-quality teas and tea accessories while also operating tea bars in stores where customers can drink and sample tea before buying.

Environmental concern is nothing new to Teavana. The company is always looking for ways to make their operations more sustainable, from making shopping bags out of recyclable materials to installing parts in stores that don’t have to be replaced as often, thereby cutting down on landfill waste. For Joe Babka, director of facilities at Teavana, recycling bulbs became just another way to go full circle with environmental responsibility: “We save energy by using energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs,” he said, “and now we can have a fully closed loop by taking those same bulbs and recycling them
when they burn out.”

Air Cycle Corporate Waste Recycling Programs

corporate logosAn Air Cycle corporate lamp recycling program can save companies time and money with standardized, trackable recycling and automated container replacement, among other features. Learn more » Air Cycle corporate recycling
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