Energy Efficient Lighting Saves 4.6 Million Kilowatt Hours


Suwanee Sports Academy (SSA), a world-class, multi-sport facility dedicated to sports development, has received Orion's Environmental Stewardship Award for an energy-efficient lighting project in their seven-court basketball and volleyball facility. Suwanee Sports Academy is saving more than 229,714 kilowatts hours (kWh) annually and more than 4.6 million kWh over the sustainable lifetime of the lighting fixtures. The project was sold and managed by Southpoint Solutions using products supplied by Orion Energy Services of Plymouth, Wisconsin.

"The sustainable savings of electrical consumption by Suwanee Sports Academy should serve as a blueprint for other Georgia companies and sports venues," stated Neal Verfuerth, President of Orion Energy Services. "By presenting the Suwanee Sports Academy with the Environmental Stewardship Award, Orion wanted to highlight the fact that this energy efficient lighting project was good for everyone: It was good for business, good for the environment and better quality of light for the athletes." In addition, Suwanee Sports Academy will take enough power off the electrical grid to provide enough electricity to power more than 23 homes, according to the EPA formula.

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Recycling Spent Lamps from a Retrofit

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