Pre-Paid Recycling: The Easy Way to Go Green

Electrical Products and Solutions

Pre-paid Bulb Recycling Systems Negates Liability and Health Concerns

The social mandate to "go green" may seem like one more headache for office managers responsible for creating and policing recycling programs for hazardous and other waste.

Yet tackling the complex problem now may very well avert far greater ills, such as stiff fines from regulatory agencies and a tarnished public image.

Non-industrial companies are most at risk because often they are unaware of state, local, and federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) laws. These laws make it illegal to improperly dispose of such common items as spent batteries and fluorescent bulbs. In fact, due to the mercury content in fluorescent, mercury vapor and other lamps and lamp fragments, the federal EPA says recycling is the best way to dispose of these materials.

Prepaid Mail-In Recycling with Air Cycle

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EasyPak™ prepaid recycling containers are perfect for recycling spent fluorescent lamps, ballasts, batteries and electronic waste at facilities of less than 150,000 square feet.

The EasyPak™ program comprehensively meets facility recycling needs by offering automatic container reordering, online container tracking, and web-based recycling reports and certificates of recycling. Learn more » EasyPak™ recycling features

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