Crunch! Lamp Crushing and Recycling Reduces Risk, Space and Labor

Building Services Management

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As facility managers seek increased energy efficiency, they often retrofit whole lighting systems at once, replacing spent or nearspent bulbs with new, longerlasting fluorescents. While this increases efficiency, it also adds to the waste stream and storage needs of recyclable material.

Traditionally, the handling of spent lamps during disposal has lent itself to potential injury from smashing, either accidentally or by design. A fluorescent lamp which is dropped, knocked, smashed with a hammer or thrown into a dumpster can shower glass fragments up to several feet away.

And the release of mercury vapor to the environment, which results from smashing, is a substantial risk to human health. Temporary packaging of the glass shards and metal fragments in lightweight garbage bags may also subject people to injury should the bag break. Proper packaging and recycling of the lamps will greatly reduce the mercury problem and create a much safer environment.

More on the Bulb Eater®

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The Bulb Eater® can save up to 80% in storage space and 20 hours of labor per 1000 lamps over other recycling methods, generating up to 50% in savings on overall lamp recycling costs.
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