How to Buy Fluorescent Lamps

Lighting Design Lab

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Few things are less thrilling than shopping for light bulbs. But today some companies are selling fluorescent lamps using less than completely forthright claims. Here are some facts from Lighting Design Lab to keep in mind when you are faced with a hard sell for fluorescent lamps. Most of these tips are from the ANSI standards for fluorescent lamps.

Rated Life

Unlike incandescent lamps, which burn out based on the amount of time they are operated, fluorescent lamps are rated based on how frequently they are started. The more frequently a fluorescent lamp is started, the more quickly it will wear out.

Recycling Spent Fluorescent Lamps with Air Cycle

Though long-lasting, all fluorescent lamps eventually burn out. When they do, most need to be recycled in order to prevent the hazardous mercury they contain from contaminating the environment and human food sources. Air Cycle makes it easy with cost-saving and convenient lamp recycling solutions. Learn more » Air Cycle lamp recycling
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