Little League Wins with the Bulb Eater®

The Cordova Times

Participants at Saturday's event will get the opportunity to put the town's new "bulb eater" to work, feeding the hungry beast florescent bulbs for a suggested donation of 25 cents per bulb.

Autumn Bryson, environmental program coordinator for Native Village of Eyak says feeding the bulbs and watching the bulb eater chew them up is fun.

"Feeding the bulb eater is fun," said Autumn Bryson, environmental coordinator for NVE. "It's amazing, it just grabs the bulb out of your hand and crushes it up," she said.

The fundraiser is being hosted in partnership with the Native Village of Eyak and the Cordova Electric Cooperative to raise awareness of a new bulb eater program. Purchased by the Cordova Electric Cooperative through Clean Choice Green Power revenue, the bulb eater is a vacuum- like device that sucks florescent bulbs into a sealed 55-gallon drum crushing them in the process. The drum is equipped with a HEPA filter so no mercury vapors enter the environment.

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