Ballasts Can Renew Lighting's Shine


Facilities that have undergone a lighting retrofit within the past decade still have opportunities to make improvements when it comes to operational costs and functionality. How much a facility stands to gain depends on how recently the ballasts were upgraded.

New electronic ballasts are more efficient and give facility executives more flexibility to use lighting controls - including dimmers - in connection with fluorescent lamps. The new technologies can bring gains to facility executives who installed ballasts as recently as five years ago.

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Ballast Recycling with Air Cycle

When ballasts wear out, they need to be recycled. The simplest and fastest way to do so, is with an EasyPak™ Ballast Recycling Container from Air Cycle. Just fill it with spent non-PCB ballasts and returning it for recycling using the included prepaid mailing label. View the container » EasyPak™ Ballast Recycling Container