City of Auburn Goes Green with the Bulb Eater®

Alabama First News

The city of Auburn is finding new ways to recycle throughout the community. 

Recycling Division Manager Andre Richardson said he started to look for new ways to recycle items that the city normally doesn't. After research, the city found the Bulb Eater.

A Bulb Eater is a lamp crushing machine that processes, or crushes, burnt out fluorescent light bulbs into small fragments. The crushed glass is compacted into a 55-gallon container. 

After the light bulb is crushed, the Mercury vapor that is released from the light bulb is captured in a three-step filtration process. The filtration system uses a vacuum bag, H.E.P.A. filter, and activated carbon filter to capture and neutralize mercury vapors. 

Richardson said the Bulb Eater reduces storage needs, minimizes handling of light bulbs, and creates a safer, cleaner work environment. 

The city of Auburn is the only municipality with a Bulb Eater in the state of Alabama. 

The Bulb Eater®

The Bulb Eater® lamp crushing system from Air Cycle is fast and easy to use. It can save up to 20 hours of lamp disposal labor per 1000 lamps, and conserves valuable storage space by compacting lamp size by up to 80% for storage prior to recycling.

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