Fluorescent Lamp Disposal: It Can Be Affordable and Easy


Does your facility have fluorescent lights?

Because they contain mercury, spent fluorescent lamps increasingly cannot be trashed in dumpsters as a solid waste. This is a major challenge for facilities across the country since nearly every facility uses them and more than 650 million lamps are disposed each year.

Mercury is linked to severe health issues such as blurred vision, numbness in limbs, speech impairment, severe convulsions, developmental problems, loss of consciousness, insanity, birth defects, possible autism, and more. A single four-foot fluorescent tube contains from five to 50 milligrams of mercury. When conventional disposal methods are used, mercury vapors can travel over 200 miles. Hence, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates fluorescent lamps and stipulates strict guidelines for their disposal.

Recycling Lamps with Air Cycle

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