Innovation, Flexibility in Lamp Recycling Propels Double-Digit Growth for Air Cycle

Environmental Business Journal

Air Cycle Corporation wasn’t always in the waste management business. Founded in 1978, the company originated as a manufacturer and marketer of several product lines, including automatic air balance system control panels, which are used at more than 3,000 McDonald’s restaurants, as well as electronic lamp ballasts for specialty markets and advanced coffee dispensing machines.

The emphasis on waste management is about 10 years old, says Scott Beierwaltes, CEO of Air Cycle. The company “randomly got involved with lamps,” he says, “and one thing led to another.” Today, the company provides waste brokerage services for mercury-bearing lamps, ballasts, batteries, and electronic wastes, or e-wastes, such as discarded computers and peripherals, CD ROMs, telephones, and facsimile machines, To think of Air Cycle as simply a waste broker, however, is to miss much of the company’s story. Air Cycle’s services are built around its one of its historical product lines, including the Bulb Eater, which is a lamp crushing machine designed for use at universities and other locations where the generation of discarded lamps is substantial but the space for storage is limited. Bulb Eater models crush straight and u-tube lamps and, according to the company, saves storage space by roughly 80% and recycling costs by about 50%.

Recycling Lamps with Air Cycle

The Bulb Eater® lamp crushing system, EasyPak™ prepaid recycling containers and Bulk Pickups make it easy to stay compliant with waste disposal regulations and avoid fines. Learn more » Air Cycle recycling solutions.

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