3 Million Acres of Water Kept Pure

Air Cycle Corporation


Air Cycle Corporation is very pleased to announce that as of March, 2013 our customers have kept over 3 million acres of water free from mercury contamination through their waste recycling efforts.

Just one gram of mercury released into the atmosphere from wastes such as fluorescent lamps and spent electronics can, over time, contaminate the fish in a 20-acre lake. If not properly disposed of, the amount of mercury recycled by Air Cycle and our customers as of March, 2013 would have contaminated the equivalent of over 3 million acres of water. Air Cycle is proud to have reached this milestone through partnership with commercial and institutional facilities across the country to recycle wastes and protect our environment.

We're excited together with our customers to be part of the "3 million acres kept pure" club, and we look forward to continued partnership toward protecting our environment from the hazards of mercury. 4 million acres kept pure, here we come!

Recycling Your Waste with Air Cycle


Do you part to protect our environment and start a waste recycling program today! Air Cycle offers efficient convenient recycling programs for every size facility. The Bulb Eater® lamp crusher makes lamp recycling easy for large facilities, while EasyPak™ prepaid mail-back containers are perfect for smaller amounts of spent lamps, ballasts, batteries, and electronics. View all products »


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