The 2012 Lighting Regulations Agenda


Are EPAct's days numbered? The law, which provides tax deductions for energy efficiency measures that meet certain requirements, is currently set to expire on Dec. 31, 2013. That means projects need to be completed by the end of to 2013 if they are to qualify for an EPAct tax deduction. While supporters of the measure will certainly push for an extension, the safest course for facility managers who want to take advantage of those deductions is to begin planning now.

The use of EPAct has been rising sharply, according to Charles R. Goulding, president of Energy Tax Savers. "It's gone up like a hockey stick," he says. "There's much more tribal knowledge about how to use the law." That knowledge is especially important when it comes to getting the full $1.80 tax deduction that is available for projects involving HVAC and the building envelope as well as lighting. "Now we can say almost prescriptively, do this and this and you'll get the $1.80," says Goulding.

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Relamping = Lamp Recycling

A relamping project can greatly increase the energy-efficiency of a facility lighting system. But due to their mercury content, all of the old fluorescent bulbs need to be recycled. The Bulb Eater® lamp crusher is perfect for safely and efficiently packaging them for shipment to a recycling center, often saving up to 50% on costs versus other recycling methods.

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