Illinois Extends E-Waste Ban to Include More Devices

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Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn signed a bill that overhauls the state´s Electronic Products Recycling and Reuse Act to require more items be recycled, to increase recycling goals for state manufacturers, and to create stronger penalties for those who don´t follow the law. Effective immediately, the law extends the state´s landfill ban on electronics to included keyboards, portable music devices, scanners, video game consoles and other items. The old law included computer monitors, televisions and printers.
"This law will keep reusable materials from filling our landfills, and it will help us put people to work giving those materials new uses," Quinn said in a statement.
In 2012, manufacturers will be required to recycle 40% of the products they sold in 2010.
The fine for violations of the new law will increase from $1,000 to $7,000. It also gives the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency greater regulatory authority for violations of the act, according to the governor´s office.
Additionally, the law requires manufacturers to maintain consumer education programs designed to inform the public on proper disposal of electronic products.
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