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Welcome to, your home for innovative environmental solutions! Please take some time to explore the products and resources available to you.

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Welcome to, your home for innovative environmental solutions! Please take some time to explore the products and resources available to you.

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  • Savings - Pre-crushing lamps can cut recycling costs by 50%
  • Storage - Hold up to 1350 4’ lamps in single 55 gallon drum
  • Safety - EPA & OSHA Compliant
  • Speed - Crush a 4’ lamp in less than 1 second
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Recycling services and transportation available throughout the continental United States to help your facility properly recycle lamps, ballasts, batteries, and electronics. These wastes are palletized and shrink wrapped prior to pick-up.

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Featured Products

Bulb Eater®

The Bulb Eater®

Reduce required storage space for fluorescent bulb recycling by up to 80% while cutting recycling costs in half.
Introducing Bulb Eater® 3 w/ Intelli Technology. Single model that crushes linear, CFL, and U-tube lamps.


Fast, convenient recycling by mail. Automatically receive replacement containers with the Sustainable Program. Access certificates of recycling and dynamic recycling reports online.
Zero Waste Box

Zero Waste Box

Recycling solutions for nearly every type of waste imaginable. These boxes may be purchased in various sizes.
Bulk Pickups

Bulk Pickups

Large quantity bulk recycling pickups for lamps, ballasts, batteries, electronics and more. Get the best prices and service by utilizing our nationwide network.
Drum Compactor


The Smash-It™ can compact many types of waste, saving on disposal costs and required space. Smash-It™ compactors are designed for a variety of different industries and applications.

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Customer Reviews

Excellent value for the money. The Bulb Eater® has immediately helped us reduce lamp storage and create a safer storage environment, while allowing us to add another item to our waste reduction efforts in the City of Auburn.

André Richardson
Environmental Services
City of Auburn, AL

Air Cycle Corporation's newest drum-top crushing device, the Bulb Eater® 3, represents a significant advancement for the practice of recycling and managing spent lamps... Read Extended Review >>

Tad Radzinski
President, Sustainable Solutions Corporation

The EasyPak™ program is outstanding – really easy to use. We just pack our waste and ship it out; it’s as simple as that!

Eric Anderson
Harvard Pilgram Health Care

Air Cycle makes it so easy. Our rep is very responsive when I call and leave a message. We are a small scale operation in terms of recycling, but Air Cycle makes me feel like I am their number one customer.

Lita Bilotti
Town of Telluride, CO

Customer service is outstanding, website works great. I have recommended your product to other organizations.

Roswell, GA

Love Air Cycle and my Bulb Eater®. Easiest, most economical way to recycle bulbs ever. We love it and recommend it to anyone who uses a lot of bulbs.

Melissa Sisk
Cocke County Board of Education
Newport, TN

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