Rodale Institute CDS™

The Rodale Institute CDS™ System
CDS 1000 Control w/Twin 12 Gallon Gravity Feed Tanks
CDS 1000 Control w/Twin 12 Gallon Pump Feed Tanks
CDS 1000 Control w/Twin 25 Gallon Pump Feed Tanks
CDS Mini
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What is Rodale Institute CDS™?

Rodale Institute CDS™ is a system that generates powerful and safe sanitizing and cleaning solutions that are healthy to use, save money, and reduce your environmental footprint.

Both the sanitizer and cleaner are produced right at your facility from just salt, water, and electricity...all for about 2 cents per gallon!


This system has revolutionized our neighboring organic dairy farm. Not only is it a completely safe product to have around his dairy herd and his family, each month this farmer saves hundreds of dollars since he no longer needs hazardous cleaning chemicals.


Mark ‘Coach’ Smallwood
Executive Director of Rodale Institute

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