Nationwide Recycling Network

EcoLights Northwest - Seattle, WA
EcoLights Northwest - Portland, OR
AERC Recycling Solutions - Hayward, CA
Lighting Resources, LLC - Ontario, CA
Waste Management - Glendale, AZ
Lighting Resources, LLC - Phoenix, AZ
Veolia ES – Phoenix, AZ
Universal Recycling Technologies - Fort Worth, TX
Waste Management - Lake Ozark, MO
Veolia ES – Port Washington, WI
Universal Recycling Technologies - Janesville, WI
Fluorecycle, Inc. - Ingleside, IL
Lamp Environmental Industries, Inc. - Independence, LA
Lighting Resources, LLC - Greenwood, IN
Southeast Recycling Technologies, Inc. - Johnson City, TN
Veolia ES - Stoughton, MA
NLR, Inc. - East Windsor, CT
AERC Recycling Solutions - Allentown, PA
AERC Solutions - Ashland, VA
Veolia ES – Tallahassee, FL
Lighting Resources, LLC - Ocala, FL

Universal Recycling Technologies - Fort Worth, TX

Company Information:

EPA ID# TXR-000-004-119

URT tx pic cropped

Universal Recycling Technologies was founded on January 6, 1995 and is certified to process all types of fluorescent lamps, various mercury-containing devices, non-PCB-containing lighting ballasts, and electronic scrap. URT is approved to operate per recycling exemptions granted under provisions of 40 Code of Federal Regulations part 261 and Texas Administrative Code 30, section 335.

Insurance certificates for Air Cycle Corporation and our recycling partners are available on request.

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