Recycling with Air Cycle

Air Cycle offers cost-effective, nationwide recycling solutions for fluorescent lamps, ballasts, batteries, and electronic waste.

The Bulb Eater®

For facilities over 200,000 sq. feet that
generate large quantities of straight
fluorescent lamps. 

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Quick Facts

  • Crushes straight lamps of any length
  • Crushes u-tube lamps (model VRS-U only)
  • Reduce labor by up to 20 hours per 1,000 lamps
  • Minimize storage space by up to 80%s
  • Save up to 50% on recycling costs
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After crushing, use Air Cycle's Bulk Pickups to recycle lamps.

Bulk Pickups

For facilities over 150,000 sq. feet that need to recycle large quantities of crushed or intact lamps and other waste.

Recycling with Bulk Pickups Truck

Quick Facts

  • Recycle unlimited quantities of lamps, ballasts, batteries, and electronic waste
  • Lowers recycling costs with no upfront investment
  • Schedule pickups according to facility needs
  • Schedule a Pickup

EasyPak™ Containers

For facilities that generate smaller amounts of intact lamps, ballasts, batteries, and electronic waste.



Quick Facts

  • One price includes the container, shipping and recycling fees, and Certificates of Recycling
  • Available with automatic reordering
  • All containers are UN-certified
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